Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the only way to travel..

Yeah! I had another horse ride yesterday. I am so excited about riding again as it has been so long..... and my body is REALLY letting me know that I was on a horse again as I can hardly walk!

I used to ride my own horses ages ago which I loved but because of health problems I wasn't able to do it anymore and had to 'sell' them. Actually I gave them away to good homes so that I knew they would be well looked after but that's a whole other story!

I decided this year to get 'back on the horse' and get some Natural Horsemanship training. It is so much fun and just cantering around or going over jumps (little ones ) is such a buzz! My body seems to have a 'muscle memory' or something very peculiar as I have no idea what it's doing but it is apparently 'doing the right thing' or so my instructor says! Actually my body goes on strike when I have to get on or off the horse and I need people to lift me up and get me off but once I am on the horse it is just amazing. I feel so free and at one with the universe, Hi Ho Silver and all that..... imagination can be such a wonderful thing *little chuckle*

annies big baby boy

Anyway the horses I have been riding are a little camera shy.... one is actually petrified of pigs and very wary around cows so a glamourous photo shoot might be a bit too much to ask!.....anyway, as I was saying, I haven't got any photos of the horses I ride BUT I do have a photo of a very special friend's very new BIG baby. Annie has just bought a 2 year old Quarter Horse colt to train. He is such a beautifully natured BIG boy and will be an amazing horse once he grows up.

Yes... I do keep mentioning BIG, he is actually enormous for his age because you can see a 'peek-a-boo' of Annie in the photo and she is REALLY tall and the colt still has a bit more growing to do. He still has his winter baby coat so he is a bit fluffy in this photo but once he has been loved and brushed and cuddled he will be a stunning glossy Palomino.

mare and foal

The other pic is of one of the mares and her little one week old filly that were at the Quarter Horse stud where Annie bought her horse from. They just looked too cute not to show you.


Carley said...

Hello, I just found your blog this morning and have tagged you, come check it out

Owl and Fox said...

WOW what a stunning boy!
Great blog!