Tuesday, October 14, 2008

special hearts for 100 hearts

How do you like the '100th heart thank you gift' I made this morning? I posted them this afternoon at my tiny little country Post Office and now they will be flying over the sea and all the way to kylieB

kylieB earrings

They are made from periwinkle blue glass Czech hearts and swirling Sterling Silver. The silver has been gently hammered to shape and strengthen them. The pretty blue hearts are to represent one heart to another (or should I say one heart to 100! :o) The spiral design is a symbol of life which is to welcome her little baby Liam into the world. kylieB is expecting him any day now so he may even arrive before the earrings do… Australia Post can be soooo slow at times.

kylieB coffee warmers

She has a beautiful shop called Boutique Creations full of really pretty and colourful crotchet flowers, delicate snowflakes, extra cute cup warmers and lots more!

kylieB snowflake

Oh and remember to check out her blog at www.kbeezweinz.blogspot.com


Adore By Nat said...

She will love that earring!!

Thanks for stopping by at my blog and your kind words. Last night I encountered a-not-so-nice thing on Etsy site, on top a big problem that I already have. It just escalated it. But I woke up this morning and was pleased by a great news. I've been blogged by Canadian Living: http://canadianliving.com/blogs/mom/2008/10/10/friday-catch-up/. I love reading their magazine. Today is a better day, indeed!

Carley said...

So cute - and what a lovely idea!! Must keep that in mind myself...